Ekobrew Reusable K Cup

Ekobrew Reusable K CupThe Ekobrew Reusable K Cup allows you to brew the ground coffee of your choice in your  own k cup.  This refillable k cup has a deep brewing chamber and holds slightly more coffee than other refillable, filtered k cups. This allows it to make stronger coffee than the  alternative brands.  Ekobrew is designed with a sturdy hinge, a flat bottom and has heat resistant grips so you won’t be burned when removing it from your k cup brewing machine.

What I like most about these reusable k cups is that they are a cost-saving alternative to buying pre-filled k cups.  They also reduce the impact on the environment.  The Ekobrew is extremely easy to use and clean.  All you do is fill the Ekobrew with coffee, place it in the machine and brew.  To clean, just remove from the machine, open the top and tap out the grounds.  Rinse and you are done.  No need to scrub.

Keep in mind that the Ekobrew reusable k cup is not compatible with all Keurig coffee machines.  If you own the B30, B130, B150 or B155 then this device will not work.

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